Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pictures of Words

The last few weeks have whipped by! I have been spending as much time as possible with Linda Sue, as well as various family things too. It has been a great month. June has, for the first time in 25 years, not been marred by having to write reports. Below are a few pictures from  June. A theme of words seems to have developed. 
Walking back along the South bank after a family barbecue. I would like this in my garden please.
As above. 
A Linda Sue day where we visited Sir John Soane's house, wandered around the Inns of Court where we found this postbox, before visiting the Hunterian museum. I recommend all of these activities, though the Hunterian is not for you if you don't like dead things in jars (beautifully preserved and presented dead things)
A very hot Friday or Thursday evening when I decided to walk home from North Greenwich. This miserable sign is on the pool/fountain.
Our local Sainsbury's has moved and grown. These are the giant letters awaiting their roof placement. The store opened this week. We popped in on Saturday morning for breakfast. It is huge!
An evening tour of local spots of interest with Linda Sue. This is a carved diagram of the Thames on a wall near the Thames barrier. Sheerness is on Sheppey where my family are from and where Andy and I like to visit.
On the same walk-this pub is now a vets, and the one below a ruin-I have posted about it on here before. There is an auction sign up now.
The word PUB can just be seen through the leaves. Presumably to make it visible from the road so you can pop in on your way past. 
On the same evening-we walked around a secluded and well to do corner of Blackheath. We found a skip. I found a plate. It is my plate as it has my name on it. Nothing wrong with it at all.
On Thursday we started the day in Greenwich market where we found this little curious clown bag and a stash of house deeds from the 1800s. They are on vellum and have the most beautiful handwriting. I am going to photograph mine to make photo backgrounds/layers for photoshop.
Later that day we went to Rochester, and visited the museum which I have never been in. The Hulks were the prison ships used to house prisoners of war.

Lastly is this poster. A lion and tiger tamer lady was killed by her animals, thus putting an end to her act. What a life.


snoopydog said...

I love your photo walks. You have such a great eye for stuff that I'm sure I'd never notice, but would really love to notice!!! Ha ha! Glad you're having fun and not report writing. Ros

Neighborhood Watch said...

I really loved reading this post and looking at the pictures. It was like being a tourist. What is a skip? Here (in the U.S.) it is a large temporary trash dumpster used when renovating or doing serious remodeling of a building. Did you find that plate in that kind of skip? Somehow, I think not!

Sarah said...

Yes it was that kind of skip-same as a dumpster! I have found all sorts of great things in them over the years.