Monday, 6 July 2015

Another Weekend Walk

On Saturday Andy and I headed off to see our niece's degree show, which was being held in Hoxton (I think it was Hoxton!) He suggested walking along the Regent's Canal from Bethnal Green. We had lunch in the Museum of Childhood first.
We went onto the wrong side of the canal first. I am glad we did as this derelict building and old car were waiting for us. It must have been such a lovely place when it was in good repair. Sad how it has ended up.

Crossing over we found Andrew's Road. 
Then a proposal at the top of some rainbow steps. 

There was a doll boat for me. 
And a sweet lacy window in the house by the lock. 
The harlequin waved at us as we passed by. 
And I found life advice on a mosaic.
Reflection cleverly written in the water. 
Niece Florence's show. She was on the Illustration and Graphic Design course at Brighton. The End and the exclamation mark are hers. It was an interesting show, with films and lots of books as you would expect. I read loads of them while we were there, once I had cooled down from our walk! My favourite thing was a snippet of a film I saw. It was of a bear-life sized-person with bear head and clothes who was doing things such as rooting through a bin and sleeping on a bench (sleeping rough Linda Sue!) and a quote flashed up which said ''I didn't ask to be imagined''. I just love that.
Andy's brother met us there, and his Aunt. We went for a coffee with James afterwards, though did not have a blubbery muffin.
On the way back to Bethnal Green we found this falling girl who makes me think of Alice. 
These two characters are in the entrance to a garage. Recycled car parts with other bits of clothing. I love the little trousers and the friendly waving glove hand.
I didn't look closely at how this picture was done but it looks like a mixture of pen and scraped back layers.


Linda Sue said...

WOW! What a loaded full of great hings post!! I love that walk so much! Sorry to not have been with you and Andy! So cool, all of it! I might have had the blubbery muffin, gawd knows I need more blubber! I am homesick for you!! Dang!

Sarah said...

Yes I wish you had been with us! Another place to go when you come back. X

Steve Reed said...

You found a lot of interesting stuff! I love that old car and the tiled marriage proposal.

So the bear was sleeping rough...but was he also swimming wild?

Neighborhood Watch said...

So many cool things! I love them all. Thanks for sharing this.

Sarah said...

Very possibly!

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