Saturday, 4 July 2015

Colourful Colour

Colourful pictures from the last month or so.
 Blue Shaun the sheep, on the South Bank. 
 Yellow flag irises and pink geraniums in the pond. I noticed the pond had dried up when I went up there the other day-it has been very dry recently so I am hoping that is why and not that it has developed a leak as it would be a complete pain to have to reline it. I used the hose to put some water in it today so fingers crossed it stays there.
Roses in Lincoln's Inn Fields on a Linda Sue day. It is lovely in there-quiet and beautiful and old ( in a good way!)
 Red dragons on a bridge on the same day. 
 Great little watercolour set I bought in the Sir John Soane museum shop-also on that day.
 Testing the paints and painting the sweet necklace Linda Sue gave me. She is a tiny metal doll on a long chain-perfect for a doll obsessive like me!
 Watercolour on plaster painting.
 Teacup stamp that came free with a magazine, coloured, layered and stuck into my journal.
 Miserable faced woman who may be feeling like that because a bird has landed on her eyebrow. 
 Collaged frames drying in the sun behind dead plant.  
 Smoking gnome from the boot fair with flowers from the garden. 
 Cassie contemplating the sugary sweet coloured big wheel. 
 Trying out an embossing folder. The whole thing became very pink very quickly.
Expat rabbit couple, now happily living in Bellingham. 


Linda Sue said...

happiest post! Love all! The little rabbits are very pleased with bellingham, so far. They have traveled across the room several times, met octobowl and a few bears! Their favorite is Pinky, the cat! But of course! You took some great shots that day! Well done, you. I am so homesick ! Messed around with the little watercolours today, they are nice!

Sarah said...

They are aren't they? I have been using mine to paint Alice today, at least I was until Cassie wanted a big cuddle!

snoopydog said...

Ha ha! Love the sad looking lady with the bird on her eyebrow, oh... and the smoking gnome! Have a good week. Ros