Wednesday, 4 February 2015

What Have I Done?!

What I have done is say yes to a request. I have been going to a local school for a few weeks, covering Year 2, Reception and Nursery. Last week the head asked me if I would consider working three days a week in their nursery. She said she knew I did not want long term, but would I do it for a while to support the teacher in there, as her normal staff are off for a while. I agreed to do it until Easter which seemed manageable and would guarantee me work each day. I really like the teacher in the nursery, and the agency support staff are lovely too. I am actually ok about having more work to do as it is a short term thing. On Monday I went in and the teacher asked me to work on a display they needed to do for the hall. They had been reading 'Handa's Surprise' and the work was based on that. We did printing of backgrounds, collaging of fruit with added glitter and I drew two of the girls to be Handa and her friend. I don't necessarily think that adult work should be on a display but as I used the girls as models, then they helped me fill in the face and stick on the hair I thought it was ok. 
 The hair is lots and lots of crochet chains which look quite like braided hair. I made them but the kids stuck them on! We put up most of the display tonight with just the labels to add. It looked good. I have also been doing assessment and planning, taking photos for labels and other little jobs.
What interested me the most about this week though, is the fact that after only one day, my mind was spinning around with what jobs I needed to do, by when, and how I would fit them in. Even though I am only there for a while, and a supply teacher, I was right back in that old feeling of rushing around to get things done. (This includes going to sleep thinking about it, and sometimes waking up dreaming about it!) It is good to notice this I think, as it makes me even more determined not to go back to it all properly! I think I will enjoy the time until Easter though, and hope to help them to get lots done.

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snoopydogknits said...

That is exactly how it is Sarah!!! It's good to know you are getting enough work to keep you going. The display looks really lovely! I'm literally 'hanging on in there' for half-term to start! Ros