Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hall Place

I had the day off on Thursday. I got up and got ready for work but when it came to it I just felt too ill so I rang in and went back to bed. I had been feeling off all week and had had a weird night on Tuesday where I slept all evening, got up for a bit then went back to bed. I do that every so often and it is usually because I am not well. Anyway, in the afternoon I had to go out to get cat food and cotton for my sewing machine. It was a beautiful day so I stopped off at Hall Place on the way home. I had a coffee and a walk in the fresh air which made me feel much better! This is only my second visit here and I have not been in the house. Next time I will. It is a Tudor house with the most beautiful gardens. There was hardly anyone there so I could imagine it was mine! 

Orderly geese.

Lots of restrictions. Drinking coffee as you wander around wasn't one of them. 

It made me smile that the sunken garden should be flooded. Seems right somehow. 
Lots and lots of box hedging. Andy's Dad would have liked this as he was very good at it. I like it but the smell is a bit overpowering. Like cat wee.
Topiary is rife!
This part of the garden is so impressive. 
The moss and lichen growing on an old wall are happy. 

These animals were moving in the wind, making them seem alive. 

It also has a glasshouse with lovely cacti, carp and terrapins. I only saw one but they claim to have more!


Linda Sue said...

I love how you just casually pop in to the most fabulous place on earth! Great photos, such a gorgeous place! Glad you are feeling better, Dennis has been knocked down for six weeks so far. Still lack luster and coughing madly.
Sleep is the best!
be well!

Katharine A said...

Thanks for the reminder. I haven't been to Hall Place for years (& years) when I used to teach in Bexleyheath. Will definitely revisit.

Steve Reed said...

That place looks great! You give me so many ideas for places to visit. I love the topiary animals.