Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Underground Doll and Iris Time

I finished this doll ages ago then forgot all about her! She was perched on top of the large cupboard type thing in our kitchen-not really a cupboard, more doors in front of drawers. I got her out for photo with her friend and in front of a 1940s or '50s home made cooker that I got from my half termly trip to the Thursday market last week. There is a woman there with the perfect stall. She has a mixture of dolls house things, toys, dolls, (the red doll was from her too) kitchenalia or vintage kitchen items (take your pick of annoying descriptions!) She also sells fruit and veg from a local farmer near where she lives in Kent. We always have a little chat and she is very encouraging when I witter on about my dolls and craft fairs. I always buy something from her as she always has something great.
Back to the doll. I made her body with this great London Underground map fabric, so if you were lost in selected parts of London, she would come in very useful! I think she needs some kind of detail around her neck, and possibly little ruffs like the red doll.
 I think I put pictures of the irises on here every year, but they are the most spectacular flowers that our garden produces and I love them. Before the irises though, a little rose. This poor thing has lived in a gradually rotting small wooden barrel on the decking since we moved here over ten years ago. Every year it produces a few perfect flowers and every year I feel a bit guilty. Maybe I will plant it in the ground this autumn.

This photo is using the miniaturise effect which explains the blurring. I thought it showed the massive sea of fennel quite well. It has grown up all around the dirt patch in the middle(which was where the chamomile that I dug up was.) It disguises the dirt patch very well. Still have not decided what to put in the dirt patch. The cats have though. My neighbour says they sunbathe on his lawn, but they come home to do the not so nice side of their outdoor activities! I have a trowel permanently available for collection. My least favourite garden job!


Linda Sue said...

The not so pleasant job reminds me of the bad neighbor that left, thank the gods that be! She collected all of the cat droppings that had been left in her yard, put them in a pink bag and took them over to the neighbor's that had a cat- then she dug up said neighbor's garden that she had just planted and buried the poos. Ridiculous!

Sarah said...

How horrible! My neighbour where they sunbathe said he was thinking of charging, but he was joking!

Rattling On said...

Wish your stallholder lived near here, sounds irresistible!
The hoarding thing is interesting, isn't it? I've recently decided to just get rid of a major amount of Stuff as I feel it's dragging me down. I sent a carload to my Sister's spring fair and they were very grateful, which makes me feel better about getting shot.
I never used to hang onto things and I'm determined to stop doing it (or at least not so much as now!).

Jenny Woolf said...

The underground doll is so cool! You could sell them in the London transport shop, I bet, although you'd have to make so many of them I suppose it would stop being fun. But it's such an original idea.
Love the irises. I always do. Specially close up - they're gorgeous

jabblog said...

I love your underground doll - so original.
Your irises are gorgeous - they don't grow for me, maybe because the dogs gallumph all over the garden.

Liz said...

I love your Irises. They are identical to mine. I told my Mother the other day that I wanted some yellow ones. She says that she has yellow but can't remember where they are. Our Irises bloom in late April, early May so they are long gone for this year. Maybe next year she'll locate which ones are yellow and give me one. :)