Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I love my collection jars but didn't realise there were quite so many. Some are recent and some older. 
 Bead jar. Charity shop yesterday  £1.50. I looked through them as I was watching 'Mrs Brown's Boys' ( A recent love-I used to think I would hate it as the music got on my nerves and the look of it reminded me of Les Dawson who I didn't really find funny. However I love it!)  last night and there are some good ones.
 Tiny jar of diamante paste gems. I got it on Greenwich market. It was from someone's sewing box. It is a lovely thing which I will just leave as a jar of sparkles rather than using them. Fairly recent purchase.
 A modern jar of eggs I felted about three years ago. 
 Old jar from a charity shop, filled with Dungeness souvenirs, including a sea nut ( I think they are called)- a large seedpod which, if you shake it, gently rattles. It is the only one of these I have ever found.
 Jar of faces from Linda Sue. Another modern jar.
 Beautiful French milk bottle from last year's holiday. It has a piece of furry seaweed, an egg sac from a sturgeon (I think), and, most preciously, some shimmery blue feathers from Baby Blue Jay. He visits Linda Sue for nuts and is quite a lovely little bird!

 Large charity shop jar from a trip to the seaside, containing sea and river glass from various places.
 Fairly recent charity shop jar that came with the baking beans. The pebbles came later.
 Another Dungeness jar.
Button jar from grumpy seller on Grennwich market. Well, maybe not grumpy, but suspicious. She leaps out from behind the stall as soon as I start to browse her buttons, telling me the prices.

Only another few weeks to go. Just as I am finishing my reports, tracking etc, so the intrigue and shenanigans over who is working with who, and how difficult it will all be next year have started. I just want a nice last couple of weeks! I am not letting anything spoil my summer holiday this year. Last year was filled with worry over the impending industrial tribunal thing we had going on. I am so glad that it was finally all over, and, no matter how difficult things may seem now, nothing is as bad as that!


Linda Sue said...

Oh yes, LOVING your jars! I have a lot of difficulty NOT keeping jars, also! I have many but hidden because I have so much clutter. Baby jay came back for the fourth year but vanished again...yesterday there was a different jay doing the same tricks as baby jay! Perhaps it is his baby? I was astonished!

Anonymous said...

you and my mum will get along well i think! she has a large collection fo jars with bits and bobs and pretty things too.

Lynne said...

I love the Baby Jay.
I tend to collect tins, but of course you can't see the contents. I also have baskets of stuff. I like jars too but they tend to stay in the kitchen with foodstuffs in them.
I watched a programme last night on London's night buses which reminded me of your last post.

Pearly Queen said...

Love your jars. I tend to pick up those French preserving jars at brocantes, so now I think I will search them out and fill them with my treasures...


Rattling On said...

Great idea for mustering small collections, may nick it!!

Carole said...

Here's to a relaxing, jar filling summer!
Nice collection you have, Sarah.
xo Carole