Sunday, 23 June 2013

Night Scenes

Night time London on the way home from a fun evening. The meal was a kind of fancy cheese and meat picnic-lots of platters to share with delicious french bread and wine. All very tasty. Then Andy and I went round to my friend's house on the way home-she only lives up the road, and had Mauritian rum. I felt surprisingly OK this morning, if a little tired!
 Trafalgar Square.

 This is the newest type of London bus-a redone version of the old route masters but without the fun (and danger) of being able to jump on and off when it is moving.

 Charing Cross Station.
Roses in my road.


jabblog said...

Gorgeous! Time spent with friends rarely leads to hangovers - or at least not awful ones;-:

Lynne said...

Thanks for your welcome back Sarah.
How exciting to be part of London's nightlife. I've had a couple of bus trips through London in the past year, (Stansted to Victoria), and thought it marvellous, and that was in the daytime. Love the bus photo.