Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Craft Fair

I have not stopped since the fair and also have been mulling it all over in my mind before I wrote about it. I only sold three things ( a brooch and two dolls) so I at least made the table cost. I was a bit disappointed but I enjoyed the experience and felt quite positive afterwards. I got mostly lovely comments and gave out lots of cards so you never know where things may lead. It was lovely to see my friends and their little girl who is so funny. I had good conversations with quite a few people. One with a woman who makes cloth dolls too, to raise money for cancer charities. Hers are bald because of this and have little hats. She happened to have one with her. She uses that expandable scarf yarn very cleverly to make the skirts. Another conversation was with a woman who had recently visited Greenwich and really liked it. The other stall holders were very friendly and Jemma, who was next to me selling her pretty jewellery, helped me set up. We watched each other's stalls for breaks. My friend did a brilliant job of organising the fair, and worked really hard on the day. The gallery owner gave her good feedback and wants her to arrange another one. He also was complementary about my dolls she tells me. I had my photo taken for the local paper which made me laugh. A taste of another life perhaps!

 Here is the lady with the doll. I just love her little feet and the skirt.
 This is the delicious lemon meringue cupcake which my friend's sister in law made. Mmmm!
 I had a quick wander to find lunch. Newark market looked tempting. It was a lovely crisp day-eventually-after the rain in the morning.

 The week after the fair I took a break and crocheted some rainbow things with some vintage yarn I bought from one of the stalls.
 I have recently invested in some pom-pom makers after having them demonstrated to me by my friend a while ago. Pom-poms are a bit addictive!
A first attempt at following a snowflake pattern. It worked ok until the last little bit when something had gone wrong, but I just finished it anyway as I didn't want to undo it all again!
I talked to my Mum when I got back, and was telling her about how I felt-disappointed but excited to try and do it again. Then a few days later my Dad rang. I knew he was doing a craft fair soon, selling his lovely wood turned objects. He said he had talked to Mum and to the lady who organises his fair. He has got me a stall for two days this weekend. We are out on Saturday-a day trip to Lisle, but he is going to set my stall up and look after it for the day and I will go down on Sunday morning. I went down on Monday night to take the stuff and have dinner there which was very nice. I realised that Sadie, their cute little dog, is an even bigger and more accomplished cadger than Cassie!
I am really looking forward to the weekend. Day trip to France and craft fair! Just wish I could have a day off to recover afterwards! Thanks for all the lovely comments and good wishes about all my recent ramblings, they are much appreciated!


Miss Nova Designs said...

I was at that Craft Fair and your dolls are lovely! Cratf fairs are funny things, you never know how they will go! But I am sure you will have plenty of sucess as they really are great dolls. Have you got a website?

Rattling On said...

I think your dolls would be perfect on Etsy or in a nice edgy/arty shop/gallery in London. Mine is just so lovely (and I wouldn't call myself a doll person)and individual.
I've done craft fairs in the past and been very disappointed, I think specialised ones are better.
(You should write to something like Molly Makes and ask them to feature your dolls and you as an artist. Your collection really is that good)

minipoppy said...

There are *pompom makers*?! I feel so lo-tech with my bits of cardboard!!
Also: love the dolls, I like the expressions of the disapproving/prudish ones the best!

busybusybeejay said...

Good luck this weekend.Hope you sell more.I bought a pom pom maker yesterday but havn't tried it yet.Perhaps i had better not.I might get addicted!!

Sarah said...


Shell said...

I love the rainbow items you made. They are lovely.
Glad you didn't get discouraged with the 3 sales, I'm sure you'll get some sales from the business cards too.