Friday, 30 November 2012

Firsts and Button Angels

First day of winter. First day of December. First trip to somewhere new-more later!
 To make button angels, first make your table look like this.
Once it is a chaotic mess, start to assemble your dolls.
 I used flat clothes pegs-super cheap from Hobbycraft and also have been hanging around for ages. I drew little faces with a fine sharpie, added a little colour with pencils, then used scraps of fabric and yarn to make their clothes and hair. The yarn is all the ends I have been saving from crocheting and the fabric is all the off-cuts from the dolls. I used other little bits and pieces too. The wings of some are made from beautiful wired tissue I have had for ages, and some are ribbon. Their halos are made from pearly looking plastic buttons. I started with white but had to move on to other colours as the collection grew.

 Some angels are snow angels, with felt clothes and little pom poms.
 Glue guns are great inventions!
They are all coming with me to Kent tomorrow for the fair. Apart from the three I have kept! 


Janine said...

These are adorable! I love your banner!

Leenie said...

So fun! Angels like these truly bring the holiday with them. The three you keep will make your tree shine. Best wishes for success at the fair.

Linda Sue said...

Glue guns can be a friend or can be really awful depending on how careful one is! If I see glue on a product I usually think "Hmmm, cheap"...Old ladies in church circles make wreaths with globs of glue visible- EW!Or drippy with strings of glue...EW! I am not good with glue guns at all! Scars to show! Your little girls are splendid! Especially love the wings with writing on them- Very sweet, artful.I wish you luck at the fair- be thinking of you while Stella and I totter off to the gardens where all ornaments are displayed in vast ways of questionable taste!

Tracy said...

These angels are so sweet, Sarah! I love the angel at the end with the blue hair! Always fun to have these peeks into your creative process. It was heartening hearing about your experience with the fair. Being a crafter/artisan and selling one's wares either via fairs, online or any other venue can be really hard. But I'm glad you felt it all worth while and had fun too. Hope all goes well on in Kent! Lovely to catch up with you after returning from some travels and Thanksgiving break in the US! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Elizabeth said...

What wonderful angels!

A Magical Whimsy said...

This is the loveliest idea I have seen for using clothes pegs (here in the states we call them clothes pins) These angels are so sweet!
I am becoming a new follower of your blog. I saw your comment on 'A Fanciful Twist' of my favorite places to visit in blogland.
May you have a happy Holiday today and also a lovely New Year!
Teresa in California