Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nearly There!

 Firstly, if any of you are in this area on the 17th I would love to see you there! It sounds as if it is going to be a fun day. There is live music and Lindy hoppers, and lots of stalls. 
 I spent  yesterday doing little jobs, such as writing price labels, sewing on cloth labels, dressing the rest of the dolls, and doing a practice run for my table. I am pleased with how it looks I think. I made the stand for the dolls from cat food boxes in tiers, painted, collaged with old dress patterns then painted again. The layers are movable and stack neatly in two layers for transportation. I was most pleased with it when I made it last weekend! I am always amazed at the good, solid quality of the cat food boxes. I take them to school normally, and we use them for junk modelling and cheap lightweight construction toys.
 These are the other dolls I made in half term. I have called them 'Candy Stripe Dolls'. They are an all in one head and body, with arms sewn in as the body is sewn up, construction. The hair also gets sewn on as the body is joined, but with a bit of machine stitching first for texture. In hindsight I wish I had done the hair straight across, as they look slightly strange with their high foreheads! Some are cuter than others!
 They are made from calico which I love. It is easy to work with and I like the way the weave is quite visible. It has an old fashioned look too, which I like. I have metres of it to cover my table, the front piece with a scalloped edge. I am trying to keep the table simple, to show off the dolls well.
 This is my sign. I was very careful, and divided up the circle with thin masking tape, both across and down the middle, to get my lettering even. This is not at all how I normally do things, tending much more towards the slapdash, but I felt an effort was required.

 About half of the dolls still need scarves. I have some made and hope to finish them tomorrow. I gave up on the idea of jackets and cardis as I just don't have the time. I am pricing them differently, according to how many clothes they have!
 A few of my crochet brooches. I have made about 10 more today. I really enjoy making them and like how they are all different.
 This is my business card. I have printed about 100 on bamboo paper. I decided to make my own as I was running out of time and money!
Below are photos of all the dolls. These are not very good photos, but they are more for record keeping purposes. I have kept one of them, and she is not in the pictures. She is my favourite and I decided I deserved one!

A few more ribbons around waists, a couple of cardigans and some scarves and they are ready for their big day!


Linda Sue said...

WOW no wonder you have been silent lately- WOW the ladies are divine- ll of them and the little stripers are so cool, LOVE the weave of the fabric too! What a great looking booth you have, my Dear! So wishing to be there! Miss you! Do well, I am sure every one will sell and then you will be quite lonely...

Leenie said...

I agree with Linda Sue. Wonderful little ladies there. Nice work. Very best wishes on the success of your sales. See there, your kitties helped you out so much by sharing their boxes. Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

The dolls are fabulous! I hope it all goes well, and you sell lots!!

Serenata said...

They all look wonderful Sarah, you have worked so hard on them and I love that they are all so very individual with their various different dresses and accessories. Good luck, hope all goes well!

Tracy said...

WOW... HUGE WOW! You've done an AMAZING job preparing for this, Sarah! I love the Candy Stripe Dolls--they are so sweet! Your wire doll & sign is wonderfully fetching! You business cards are very smart. I like a "homemade", myself. ;o) LOVELY to see the doll fashion parade at the end. Have a wonderful time! I hope it's great fun and a success for you showing your creations! I wish I could be there! Well done! ((HUGS))

Queenie Believe said...

Your dolls are absolutely wonderful!!! So individual and full of personality! Sending thoughts and wishes full of success for big sales at the fair. If I was not forever and a day away, I would definitely come.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Those dolls are just lovely! You have done such a great job! That vintage fair sounds like so much fun! Makes me want to jump on a plane!

Shell said...

Your dolls are lovely. Have a good time at the Vintage fair and I hope you sell all your dolls there.

Relyn Lawson said...

Did it go well? I hope so.