Thursday, 25 October 2012

This post is brought to you by the letter B

 Ball. One of the skeins of yarn I bought at the weekend. I haven't got a fancy winder so I used my knees. The texture of the yarn is so rough! I am using it for little crochet brooches but am not sure what else to make with it. It is too rough for a scarf.
 Butterfly. The body is made from some of the ironed plastic then I crocheted the wings on. I made it while watching a terrifying film so now it is associated with that in my mind! The film was called "Darkness". It is about five years old but I had never heard of it. A good creepy film for Halloween.
 Blurry. This is from Monday morning as I arrived at work. It was really foggy that morning but this is the only picture I took and it doesn't show it that well.
 Brown. This little doll is from Linda Sue and she has found herself in a Scottish landscape-a painting of a house on Loch Tummel in Perthshire. Andy's parents had a lovely house there and when I saw where this painting was of I snapped it up. I liked it anyway but that was the deciding factor between bringing more clutter home or not doing so. £3 in the charity shop. That seems to be a common price point for lovely paintings that nobody loves anymore. The picture is brown because it has been vintiqued-a great app with loads of filters and lovely effects for virtually no effort.
 Blue. My new classroom which I first saw today. We move in tomorrow. The new building is interesting. Totally different to the old one. I like it. There are some issues with certain things but there always are with anything new so we (the nursery staff) are being quite philosophical about it. More than can be said for a lot of the other staff though. The atmosphere was tense today. At least three people that I greeted with a 'Hi, you alright?' (Sounds better than it reads!) said 'No, I'm not!' Oh dear. Hope it gets better!
Bus. Seen on the way home while waiting at traffic lights. It was more the sun coming out that made me look but the red bus makes a nice contrast.


Kat Mortensen said...

It could be because I've got cooking on the brain, but I thought that top photo was spaghetti!

Sarah, come and visit me at my burgeoning blog, "Dig in, Flynn!"


Tracy said...

LOVELY crochet butterfly, Sarah! Hope all goes well with your move into the new classroom. The blue carpet is nice, at least. ;o) ((HUGS))

Leenie said...

Fun post. Lots of good B's there. The yarn looks challenging, anything from Linda Sue is great, the new blue room looks like it may mellow the kids down a bit after the first few crazy days (maybe teachers too?) Best wishes on your new year, new students and new digs.

elizabeth said...

Love the bus!
I was just in England but very very briefly.
and yes it was astoundingly misty most of the time
especially Monday.
Good luck in the new classroom!

aimee said...

cool yarn and cute butterfly!

Mar said...

i LOVE following your posts!

Linda Sue said...

Before I read the story about the "brown" photo, I thought , how clever- Sarah did draw a girl that looks quite similar to the dolly girl...She looks very pleased to be there!
Hope the children could use the stuff!

Rattling On said...

A bag with the yarn? There are loads of really easy patterns for croheted string bags. This one is great

I made one...

jabblog said...

Change is always challenging. Some rise to it better than others;-)