Monday, 29 October 2012


Twenty heads that have now been attached to their bodies. I love the colours all together and the way some of them look slightly apprehensive.

 I got some lovely metallic thread in the supermarket and it has added some glamour to some of the eye make-up.

 All lined up ready to be matched to a body. I make the bodies and the heads separately with no real planning but they all seem to find a match that looks right.
 I laid them all out and matched them, then put each in a ziplock bag ready to be sewn. Now they are waiting for outfits which I have been working on all week. Last night I also sewed on my woven labels but had to order more, as I made more dolls than I originally planned. Once I have dressed some of these I will be able to see what still needs to be done to finish them. Such  long process!
 A few close ups. The one on the right below has the Prick Your Finger yarn as hair. I love the colour changes in this.

 The bright pink on the left is some acrylic yarn bought from Deramores for granny squares but it was just too tempting to have a shocking pink headed girl!

 The one on the top right is acrylic yarn I have had for years and has been in the understairs cupboard, at school and finally back in my wool box!

The red head below left is some lovely mohair yarn from the charity shop. Three balls for £1.50!


jabblog said...

They have such character. Can't wait to see them fully dressed:-)

Queenie Believe said...

These ladies are wonderful! Each with such individual personality and attitude!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Rachel said...

These are great, can't wait to see them finished and dressed. :-)

christina said...

i love these!

Anonymous said...

They all look fabulous!!

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS GIRLS here, Sarah! I love the bright-colored hair and the glitzy eye "makeup"! :o) Very fun... Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mar said...

cute cute cUTE! and each different!!!
thats a lot of sewing!!

snoopydog said...

I just LOVE this post! You're right, some of those little faces don't look too sure about the situation that they find themselves in! Can't wait to see them all dressed! Ros

Carole said...

Love your new header, Sarah! Very cool seeing the heads from different angles and at changing stages of attachment! You must be one of the most patient "makers" I know. Take care.