Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bath Stone

The most striking thing when you first arrive in Bath is the colour of the stone. The stone used for many of the buildings is Bath Stone, an oolitic limestone, which has a soft, yellow colour. Beautiful shopping streets, historical sites and modern buildings are all made from this stone, giving Bath an elegant and coherent appearance.
 Some parts had the feel of a film set.

 I love the shabby look of this building.
 The door on the right just looks magical!
 As does this upstairs window.
 Even the surgery door was pretty.

I have one more set of pictures to share tomorrow, of the strange and imposing Royal Crescent.
The Pearlies found it all a little overwhelming.


Queenie Believe said...

Wow these photos are awesome! Makes me want to get on a plane to Bath. The archetecture and sea of beautiful stone buildings is breath taking.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Leenie said...

Elegant and shabby at the same time. Love touring England through your camera. I enjoyed the ancient ruins in your last post too. Thanks!

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS... the golden glow of Bath... This was such fun to see, Sarah! This was a nice taste and brought back so many memories when we were there some years back. Oh, I long to go back now! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

Thank you for these photos! They are wonderful! If wishes were horses...there would be a stampede...I have itchy travel envy, Ms. Sarah! Thanks so mush again for taking us along. I am sure that the kitties back home know nothing of you having fun without them.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful indeed!
Haven't been there for about 30 years.
Must go again soon!

Helen McCookerybook said...

What a beautiful place! I hope you had a lovely time! Just about to wish Andy a happy belated birthday x

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Those buildings are amazing!!

Funny Firm said...

Beautiful Pictures!! I would love to visit there. Absolutely breath taking!!