Monday, 4 July 2011

Weird Snacks and Beautiful Macaroons.

The bag contains the remains of some mini meringues. The bowl contains the remains of some chicken cat treats. I thought the bowl contained what the bag contains, so guess what happened next! They didn't taste of much actually-like cardboardy chicken, but it would not be my first choice of tasty snack.
This afternoon, after I had finished doing my tracking (PPA time this afternoon), I made the macaroons I had planned. I used this recipe.

My egg white and sugar mixture was beautiful-glossy and white as described.

I flavoured the raspberry ones with real raspberries.

The pistachio ones have crushed pistachios in the mixture and in the buttercream. Pistachios remind me of mussels-the shellfish of the nut world.

They don't quite look like the ones in the picture! They taste good though!

I did actually pipe the pistachio ones-not my thing really, piping! What a mess I made. Then the rapsberry ones had to wait as I only had one baking sheet, so the meringue that I had already mixed with the raspberries went flat. I shall try again, and maybe one day will be able to make the beautiful creations I see on the internet! They taste better than cat treats anyway.

Here is a whole load of beautiful macaroon pictures on flickr!


jabblog said...

Oh dear - cat treats . . .
I love meringues - mine always turned out brown but tasted good. I don't make them now as I have an egg intolerance :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at the thought of you eating the cat treat!! I haven't made macaroons - maybe I should give them a try!

Tracy said...

Oh, but these look great for a first go on the macarons, Sarah! And taste always wins over all else, 'eh? ;o) Thanks for the link to the recipe you tired, I think I will have to give this a go. I just love macarons...mmm... Very funny about the cat treats...haha... Happy Day ((HUGS))