Thursday, 28 July 2011

I Quietly Observe

This graffiti caught my eye as I was on the way home from greenwich today. I think it is a line from a Massive Attack song. Not sure if Kure wrote it-it does not look the same in style. This is the underpass where the graffiti is-my road is the other side through the light and a bit further. We once saw a burned out motor bike in here but it is not normally that dramatic. It gets graffitied regularly and cleaned up just as often.

I have a mystery plant in my garden. It first caught my attention a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was probably some kind of weed, but because it was on its own I thought I would let it grow and see what appeared. It has suddenly got much bigger. It has prickly leaves. Today when I went out to see it, I noticed a tendril curling towards the chamomile, and suddenly had the idea flash in my brain that it is a pumpkin! Is it? Do you know? I really hope so. It could be a stray seed from the few that have lain around quietly rotting over the last couple of seasons-it could have been tipped out of a redundant pot where one in particular lay for ages. As it has quite a lot of room I think it will do ok if the weather stays hot. We shall see!

I am intending to go for some kind of walk every day this holiday and so far have kind of kept to it. Today I walked to Greenwich, through the park. I chose a different route and so ended up walking past the beautiful long border outside the museum. I love this fennel en masse.

I got enthused over cooking today and made delicious beetroot soup from Sophie Dahl's book, and fruit cakes-the small one is to take to my Dad tomorrow as I am visiting. I had a slice after my soup tonight, and it has turned out ok. It is a simnel cake recipe with fruit soaked briefly in brandy, flaked almonds and mixed peel. I have been listing things on Ebay which is quite a lengthy process but I am enjoying watching what is happening. I am very good at buying things, I hope this transfers to my selling ability!


Yiota said...

I think this line suits me these days.
Good for you for taking a walk every day! It's too hot here for any such activity like this!
The cake sounds yummy!

Linda Sue said...

i have to take a walk everyday at least once- Dexter insists! So he keeps me honest..What is your etsy shop of other stuff? I, too, have been listing today- taking photos , listing some more- and it is fun- my shop is overly crowded however...You soup and cakes look amazing! Brandy soaked fruit is such a good thing! when I lived in London we started every morning with brandy soaked fruit in our muesli- happy start to the cold grey days!

frayedattheedge said...

It looks as if it could be a pumpkin! The cakes look good ..... but I'm not sure about beetroot soup!!

Jenny Woolf said...

Think it might be a pumpkin or a courgette. Reminds me I'd like to make some soup when I have time. Right now I don't have time for anything, it seems .

Tracy said...

LOVE, love, love that line of graffiti! I always think of graffiti as public art & information. And that could well be a pumpkin growing! It will be fun to see what you get--do let it grow. Your beetroot soup looks so good, cakes too...mmm... I've not made a beetroot soup in a while, must remedy. Good luck with eBay. This autumn we'll be attempting eBay so sell-off some surplus things around the house we really don't need or use--we'll see how it goes! Happy Weekend, Sarah ((HUGS))

Leenie said...

Not only do you quietly observe, but you share the very best of your observations. I can see how the underpass would be a temptation to those with things to publish--good and bad.

It's fun to see what mystery plants will pop up in fertile ground. Half my flower garden is volunteers from other years. I figure if it blooms, goes to seed and comes back it can survive in my garden.

I'll have to check out your Etsy Shop. I'm working on one myself.

Lynne said...

I've not tried beetroot soup before. The cake looks delicious.

jabblog said...

I had a casserole dish exactly like yours - I wonder what happened to it?
The cakes appreciated it:-)