Friday, 8 July 2011

Tiger Viewing the Chamomile

The chamomile has spread nicely now to fill most of the gaps. The next step is to do something with the surrounding trench. I will have to get stones and topsoil I think, and I have decided to plant some sort of low growing thyme-I like the lemony one.
It is my Mum's birthday today, so I popped down there after work to take her present. My brother was there too, and we played a new version of scrabble which has cards that you pick up if you use a space with trickster on it. They have things on such as being allowed to spell a word backwards, take a tile without looking from an opponent, steal your opponent's last score or use a letter tile as a blank. It really livened up the game!


jabblog said...

Your chamomile has taken really well. I bet it smells wonderful, too. Thyme would make a lovely edging. Tiger looks happy with the view:-)

→lisa said...

Ooh, I bet the chamomile smells like heaven on a warm day. Yums.

Also: I'm intrigued by this fancy new Scrabble! Sounds like fun.

Dimple said...

Scrabble revised sounds really interesting!

Your chamomile looks happy!

Noelle Renee said...

I Love this picture of your cat, Tiger. So wonderful the way he is looking over the chamomile which I am sure smells lovely to him. I hope your mum had a wonderful birthday and everyone had a nice time all round. I am just back in my apartment after 10 days being out so catching up with blogs. Good to drop by.

Lynne said...

Wishing your mum a belated birthday.
That new version of Scrabble sounds fun. Pity I have no one to play with. Mike's not really a Scrabble fan.