Sunday, 3 July 2011


After a visit to Mudchute farm in the morning, (to prepare for school trips next week) on Saturday afternoon we went to a local summer fete at the beautifully named Blythe Hill Fields. There was music, crafts and delicious food, all with a great view over London. I have seen these macaroons on the internet so many times, and have never actually eaten any. They are so delicious that I am going to attempt to make my own in the very near future! I bought one of each flavour, raspberry, chocolate, toffee, coffee, pistachio and lemon. Mmmm! I did a bit more face painting-this is poor Katherine Howard in a page guiltily torn out of my finished Philippa Gregory novel. I also ripped out Anne of Cleves. It is immediately obvious once you take a picture which bits of the face are not quite right. Here the nose is at a totally different angle. I used to look at drawings and paintings in a mirror which is a quicker way of seeing the mistakes. I like the pastel colours in this portrait. Not sure who it is-maybe Holbein?

Beautiful pink geraniums at Jenny and James' house.

Twilight. This wasn't this weekend but it wasn't long ago. I love the silhouettes of the bamboo and fennel, and the pinkish tinge to the clouds.


Janine said...

Again your photos are wonderful! I looooooveeee your banner! Very cleverly done!

Tracy said...

Such sweet moments shown here, Sarah... that vignette with pink geraniums steals my heart! And love your version of Anne of Cleves. Those macarons...YUM! I've not made them myself yet, either--on my summer projects list. ;o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

I LOVE your style- You give faces such soul. Love the pink flowers by the weathered painted wall. Beautiful post- Comfy... Also loved the Teddy bear's picnic. The bears are so happy and that is what is most important.

Allegra Smith said...

Dear, I have gone nearly mad looking for an address to send you a note. When my stupid laptop committed suicide it took my address book with it. I need to write to you so please, you do have my address, drop me a line and I will send you one as soon as I hear from you. Hugs from here and prayers and light where they are needed. Things will be fine, you can tell them that for me.
I do believe that and so must they.

Elizabeth said...

You do get such pretty clouds in your part of the world.
The macaroons look stunning.....I have never eaten colored ones.
Your painting is lovely. Yes, I think it is Holbein.
Odd to think of school still going on when we in the US finish in late June.
Greetings from too hot NY!