Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tidying my Desktop

Tidying in a virtual way. I save photos I think I may use on the blog on my desk top-or I would never find them! Often they don't get used. I really like all these ones-but they have no theme.
Me and my friend viewing reflective art in the rain! This was last weekend at Compton Verney. There was a giant silver ball embedded in the roof of a garden shed. It is by Jem Finer
We couldn't get inside, but if we could have, we would have found a camera obscura.
Canada geese and dog daisies, from my walk by the canal and lakes with my friend at the weekend.
Lily's paw on an old embroidery book. I used one of Kim Klassen's textures on this. I liked the soft colours of the book, the paw and the fabric. (Our duvet cover!)
A small but growing collection of found metal objects on the trunk in the hall. I have found these over quite a period of time. Everyso often one just pops up!
Balloons left behind after the London marathon in April.
They are on the working men's club just up the road.


Linda Sue said...

Oh Sarah- I LOVE all of these! They could all be printed and use as cards- (I am in ETSY state of mind...)
Finally went to the studio today to gather my dolls - must start a new shop for the felties. I am blog uninspired at the moment.
You always inspire me.

→lisa said...

Lily does not want you to do embroidery when you should be stroking her pretty fur!

You should have cut one of the balloons loose; it might have led you on an adventure ;)

Leenie said...

I'm glad you let us in on you miscellaneous blog file of photos. Plenty of variety and fun. Love the found items and the kitty paw especially.

Tracy said...

I like this random collection of photos, Sara... especially the peek at your gathering of found metal objects. What will these become, I wonder?... And the kitty paw is so funny. Is Lily taking up embroidery? ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

A wonderful collection of photos! I like your collection of metal objects.

Helen McCookerybook said...

I don't know if Andy told you but he used to walk home from school along a disused railway line each day and pick up rusty screws that he thought Dad might like, and leave them in a little pile on the blotter on his desk for him to get back to each evening.

Lynne said...

Love that first photo, so unusual.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!