Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Next Doll

Isn't he lovely? As soon as I saw this picture on the front of the Guardian magazine, I wanted to make a doll like him. I have not really wanted to make a doll for ages so I was pleased to feel like this. He has such beautiful eyes and looks so kind. The colour of his turban is gorgeous. I have had a go at painting him and have tried again since this painting. The photo is by Steve McCurry.

Have a look at his portraits. So many wonderful faces-and many more I would like to paint.
I have made his eyes staring by leaving a white gap at the top-which I only noticed when he was finished and staring at me! Also his turban is nowhere near wide enough. I loved trying to show his wrinkles!


Linda Sue said...

Oh YES! Your painting of him does justice and then some! I so love your style. Your dolls eyes are much the same- taking in everything widely, wildly! Everytime you show your paintings my fingers twitch- I really want to do more art but seems sorting stuff gets in the way. The entire living room is an etsy shop of horrors...but I am getting through it, storage unit nearly empty!

Serenata said...

Oh he is rather lovely, I think you have captured his eyes really well. Looking forward to seeing more!

Leenie said...

He's a very colorful character. Your painting is so fun and also a little spooky. Looking forward to seeing your next doll with the curly mustache and red turban.

Lori Saul said...

You have captured his mesmerizing spirit for sure. I think a doll would be fantastic fun to make and embellish. He is such a wonderful character!