Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Skip Treasure

Here is the box of wires-lovely colours! And below is the other stuff.
The box, the curtains, the books and the candle.

This is a skip. This is the Millenium Dome. (Leenie!)


Linda Sue said...

It is called dumpster diving here and some folks live entirely from their contents. Love the rusted bit from the previous post- I see JESUS!You could most certainly get the news for find JESUS!

Leenie said...

A much cleaner and fruitful place to peruse other's cast-offs than most dumpsters I've seen. Bringing home items left for discarding can be quite a treasure hunt.

When we were almost penniless and just moved into an unfurnished apartment we hauled home a three piece sectional sofa that was left for trash. It was clean and not worn too bad, but it had the habit of sliding just enough to eat anyone who would try to lie down on it.

Thanks for answering my questions.

Tracy said...

Ooo... great finds, Sarah! I love that wood tray/box... I'd hang that up! :o) Any more trips to the skip planned? Happy Day ((HUGS))

KindredSpirit said...

skips rule