Sunday, 1 December 2019

Yesterday's Finds

The celery vase has become friends with the piece of fake celery I found when I started mudlarking. They are happy together. 
 Not sure what this is. It is brass and has cogs. I think it is some kind of lock.

 Same goes for this. It is very thin copper which makes me think it is not plumbing related. (It is just copper pipe-I asked on Instagram. The more interesting answer was the Tin Man's finger! Oh well.) 
This bottle bottom is huge and beautiful. It has a bubble or two in the glass, one of which you can feel.
 I was glad that whoever manufactured these decided to let people know their purpose. 
 I found the piece of red clay pipe and the large bowl yesterday. The other pipe pieces are also from Rotherhithe on other visits.
The strange brick thing. 


Steve Reed said...

I like the celery vase. (So funny that you found fake celery!) What is the thing that looks like a rubber stamp?

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Fresca said...

Oh! Those pipe pieces! Did you watch "Detectorists"?
The guy who wants to be an archaeologist is always finding those clay stems--
and they play a small but significant role in determining his future!
Neat to see you find them too!