Sunday, 14 January 2018


The week before last, I went to Jenny's, my sister-in-law, with Linda Sue, for a crafty day. We did needle felting. Linda Sue made a flower, Jenny made a heart, and I made a little robot. He started a minor obsession with making felted robots and here they are!
 This one has cogs, Linda Sue's flower, button wheels and wire attached moveable arms. 
 Robot number two was inspired by the tin toy type robots of the fifties, and by the fact that I found these copper elbows, (their real name) in B and Q.
 Number three is inspired by the latest Star Wars, the little BB-8 robot. Not the colours but the shapes. The one copper elbow caused a balance problem. I have had to make him a little ramp to correct this, so that he will stand up.
 This robot is inspired by the ones that look a little like humans, and have that strange way of walking, like Asimo. I wanted to use some open and shut doll eyes I have had for ages. They were quite hard to put in. I didn't want to use glue so I made a hole and lightly felted it smaller around the eye once it was in. That wouldn't have held it though, so I made a little flat piece of felt, cut a slit in it, put that over the eye and lightly felted that down.
Her hair is made of metal scourer pieces. It is held on by little pieces of roving felted through the gaps, being careful not to break the needle. 
I am pleased with the way she looks, but have made her too tall and skinny to stand up on her own. I will need to make her a stand of some sort.
My last robot is actually a boy pretending to be one. This is inspired by an episode of  "The Flight of the Conchords", where Bret and Jemaine are dressed up as robots.

 The little pieces of cardboard left over from making the robot head made this cow/dog. 

 Family group. 


crafty cat corner said...

So much fun. I know how tricky felting can be. These little robots are brilliant.

Linda Sue said...

OH Sarah! These are wonderful and I do love the boy and his dog!