Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Naked Baby Angels and a Small Clown

I went to The Museum of London yesterday with Linda Sue. There were lots of school parties there, some more interested in what they were seeing than others. The most enthusiastic child I heard was a girl who had spotted some cherubs in a painting. "Naked baby angels!" she exclaimed joyfully, pointing them out to her friends and adult. I recently found this lovely bowl with four of its own naked baby angels holding it up. It is Dresden china, and if the cherubs were complete with their legs attached it would be worth lots of money. It has been dropped at some point so all the legs are broken off. The faces and tiny hands are perfect though and I love it!
 Linda Sue and I also went to Portobello market recently. I found this tiny clown. He is apparently 1920s hand painted china, if the seller is to be believed. I like his cheery little face.


crafty cat corner said...

Maybe I'm odd but I like things that are not perfect. I have three angels in the garden that are slightly damaged but I wouldn't part with them. I love your cherubs even without legs. lol

Linda Sue said...

so pleased to see Mr. Clown by the ever so lovely naked baby angel, It is Ok for them to not have legs, they fly you know. Very sweet!