Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Paddington Bear is Nearly There!

I have been making a crocheted Paddington bear, and he is nearly finished. I am not sure that he looks that much like Paddington though! I have been following a pattern I got free with a magazine. Well-mainly following it, with a little bit of improvisation, such as making a second hat, as my first one turned out far too small. I decided I wanted these eyes, rather than black ones, as they are more like in the film. I had to stop and start the pattern to make a hole, then regulate the holes by crocheting around the inside of them. I might yet embroider some dark brown around the eyes to give them more depth. So, although not perfect, he is making me happy to look at!

 Below is how I made a guide for sewing the mouth. Normally, the mouths I sew are far smaller, and I don't need to do this, but this mouth was big!
Tomorrow evening I will start on his coat. I would also like to make some prison clothes, like in the film, but have yet to find some suitable fabric. I have got an old t-shirt that might do. I also need to make him a marmalade sandwich to keep under his hat for emergencies!


Linda Sue said...

OHHHH he has turned out to be a wonderful bear!!! he does not look like a snake nor is he Chinese! He is the perfect little bear!Hold off on the prison outfit, I have the perfect fabric for it and will send it with the wool.

jabblog said...

He is delightful and looks very cuddly. I haven't seen Paddington 2 but have heard it is wonderful.
I tried to do some crochet a little while ago and just couldn't remember what I was supposed to be doing. I must have another go, though. I shall have to watch some videos to refresh my memory . . . (or is it just old age and decrepitude?)

Snoopydog said...

Oh this is totally adorable. Love it! x