Monday, 30 March 2015

How I Spent my Holidays

At this moment I have a cat's tail in my face and am managing to touch type. Cassie wants something! I got up early today in the hope of getting work as Newham still has schools open. No luck though so am getting things done such as wrapping a parcel for my sister's birthday and looking at how much the Sylvac apple sauce pot I bought for £1.50 is worth on Ebay. (£-10-£15 but there are quite a few of them.) I need to go to post the parcel but may have breakfast first. I also saw the book below in the same shop but didn't buy it as it was £20. I did take a sneaky photo though as I loved the inscription and the hand it was written in.
 I suppose 'curiosity'is one word for what is happening to this man.


Yiota said...

Old books are amazing. So many 'stories' to tell of the people who previously owned them!
The hand-writing is wonderful!

Steve Reed said...

Wow. That's an incredible find. I would have been sorely tempted even at £20!

(And yes, I saw The Turkey Cafe! See today's post!)

Neighborhood Watch said...

Haha! Curiosity is right! I have a boy who would LOVE that book cover--even more than I do maybe--which is a lot.