Sunday, 22 March 2015

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The much talked about partial solar eclipse on Friday was covered by cloud in London. I took this photo on my phone though, using an app and a screenshot. Technology beat the weather! I am not sure I like eclipses anyway as they feel so wrong. 
 After school I was boosting the soil content in some soil and grass seed stuffed tights (to make monsters for the school's book week next week) and looking out the window I saw a shape on a far off roof. After a while of looking at it I realised it was a helicopter. The building it was on looks from here as if it is just a roof on scaffolding. It flew off before I had finished with the tights.
The flowers in the park next to the museum are looking good. I was on the way back from the wool shop after a very naughty splurge on pretty colours.

 The sunset was lovely as I got home that evening. 
 A little white daisy was glowing in the garden. 
On Saturday morning I saw the cats charity shop has this Alice/Easter display. They work hard on their displays in that shop!
Some weird pink wool came home with me which I made into a nest. I couldn't resist trying in on Tiger for a hat first though.
 I was playing with nests and eggs in general. I have a small collection and a larger one of eggs.
Last night we were out in North London to celebrate out friend's birthday and also leaving drinks as they are moving to York on Friday. I think they are going to be inundated with house guests! The pub has two resident dogs and this cat George. He was sitting on the stairs on the way up to the loo so I made a fuss of him for a little while.
Today has been spent cleaning then crocheting. I also made a plum and ginger cake and some play dough. The cake is quite nice. I made it up-basic sponge with plums and ginger added.
This is what I am crocheting at the moment. It is quite a bit bigger than when this photo was taken. I think I will just carry on with it and make a blanket. I have a lot of wool to use up!


Amy at love made my home said...

You have been busy! I really like your nests!! xx

Katharine A said...

I didn't see the eclipse either, here in London, too cloudy. We had to watch it on the telly later in the evening. A shame for the kids. Love your nests.