Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bits and Pieces

Christmas lights are going up wherever I can find a socket.
 I have been playing with oil pastels. 

 Tiger and Cassie have become pretty friendly!
 Bethnal Green scenes...

 Greenwich in the sun yesterday. I went to the market on both days this weekend, in a search for presents. I was fairly successful.
 Bright flowers mixed with Christmas branches and trees. 
 One of the little Christmas fairy bears I made for my two friends from work. I met them for lunch yesterday and had to stay up till three on Friday night finishing the bears. I always leave things too late!
 Cassie in her shoe box. Who needs fancy cat baskets?
 Cassie again, with the catnip chicken. 
 I have been playing this game on my phone. It is strangely addictive. Here, the bubbles left formed a house shape.
 An alleyway to Greenwich market. 
 In the market I found a present for my friend in Holland-a chicken doorstop that the recipient fills themselves. It is made of retro fabric. The stall also had bright and cheerful catnip mice so I bought one for our cats and one for my Mum's cat. Cassie found the bag and broke into it, biting into the packaging of my friend's present. I gave up and gave it to her early!

I made this curtain today, to stop the draft from the front door. The fox fabric is from the market in Bethnal Green and I backed it with wool blanket fabric. The most difficult part about making it was laying out the fabric, getting it flat and cutting it accurately. I am pretty pleased with it though and it seems to be working. 


Steve Reed said...

Where is that bee in Bethnal Green? I would love to go photograph it.

The fox fabric is great!

Are you still shooting for Bleeding London? We're working until the end of the year to "mop up" streets that we've missed.

Shell said...

Yay, so happy yo know you are a Betty Neels fan too! I'm in the middle of one right now called Only by Chance. I think its nice Betty Neels is something you shared with your mother-in-law.
Yes,I loved Medium.I never got to finish the last season which is on my list of series to finish.
I haven't put up any Christmas decorations yet, I'm planning on doing it later on this week

Linda Sue said...

Brilliant , entertaining post, Ms. Sarah! I am loving your curtain, such a good job!Look for small parcel coming your way in about ten days. Love the kitties so much, I always want to adopt two cats but must wait for a not want to be tied.