Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Pastel Hats

 Pastel hatted people who look like swimmers. They were not intended to but I quite like that they do. 

Half term improved today-no work, a bit of crocheting and knitting, dyeing my hair, (during which process the postman knocked-but I am not proud and our postmen are nice!), hoovering,  then visiting my brother in his new house in Rainham. It is a good house with lots of space and very light and bright. My Mum visited too and we watched the curling in the Olympics together. It is actually really good. We watched Sweden and GB. My Mum is quite an expert on it! I missed the part where GB beat Sweden as I was stuck in a queue on the motorway because of animals in the road (I found out after the traffic started moving again.) But I am in on Friday so will be able to watch the final then. Hurrah!


Janine said...

Sarah, I love these!

Anonymous said...

They remind me of swimming as a child, wearing horrible rubbery swimming caps, that pulled your hair when you took them off!!
Isn't it funny how quickly we become experts on things when we watch the Olympics!!

Linda Sue said...

I LOVE your faces, always! They are the very best of all faces!

Candace said...

These are wonderful! I especially love their rosy cheeks.