Thursday, 13 February 2014


I have not crocheted or woven anything all week-most unusual! I have not got an idea what to make next. I am doing a craft/vintage fair in April and the pressure to make some things to try to sell has made me idealess. Never mind though as I have had a bit of extra time to paint faces. I used goache which I love for its opacity. Though once it has dried out on the palette it is just like watercolour really. I should squeeze out less really as it seems a waste to wash off the palette without using it. 
 This is face is wishing for Spring. The relentless rain and wind are getting a bit wearing now, and we have got off lightly here, compared to the areas of the country that are being flooded and destroyed. The main railway line to Cornwall was washed away at Dawlish in Devon the other day. It is a lovely line that does run very close to the sea, though not now! There is a man who has built a mud wall around his house in Somerset which has so far held the waters back. It is amazing!
 This girl is smiling through the wind and rain. 
 This one is out of an old Country Living magazine. She is a very pretty lady pegging out washing in an idyllic setting using wooden dolly pegs and wearing a lovely cardigan and flowery dress. Not very realistic but nice wishful thinking, and at least she still has to do washing!
This is a two minute made up cat!
Have just painted a teacup. Fun doodling really. The tea parties went fairly well. The first day was a bit tiring as I had three parties in one morning, and some tears/moodiness from a few children who couldn't accept the fact that either it was not their turn yet, or they had already had their turn and couldn't have another one. But after that had all calmed down we all had fun! They loved using the real cups and saucers, they really loved adding sugar, milk or lemon to their tea, and the biscuit was definitely the best bit! I am going to make us all tea for our snack times tomorrow. And we are having a biscuit too!


lynne h said...

sarah, you should get a masterson's sta-wet palette for your gouache! it'll keep it moist!

very happy to see painted faces here. : )


Leenie said...

Fun stuff! Liked them all, especially the first face wishing for spring. I've heard about the flooding and am glad it missed your part of the world but sorry for those getting washed away.

Your tea parties sounds like a great method to teach all kinds of things in a very entertaining way.