Friday, 21 December 2012

Tough Stuff

A view of the school being flattened.
Tools. The silly one is for my brother for Christmas. He doesn't think he needs anything but who doesn't need a crocheted hammer? It made me laugh anyway. After I thought of it I googled crochet tools , and as usual I am not the first person to have had this idea. My favourite tool was a saw. Possibly even more useless than a hammer!


Linda Sue said...

hahaha- Great- hmmm there seems to be a very big market for guns in this country perhaps you could crochet a few just to appease them.

Sarah said...
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Queenie Believe said...

This summer the middle school I went to many many many moons ago was demolished. We were out visiting my parents as they were cleaming up the site. A little sadness I felt but time marches on.
I love the crochet hammer. The perfect gift for the guy who has everything.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Leenie said...

My condolences to the flattening of your school. Places that house so much life take on a life of their own. Sad. As for the hammer, it' And very clever.