Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve Sights

We got up early today, as Andy had to work and I had to do the things I couldn't do on Saturday. It was blustery and mild with rain on and off. I went to Sainsbury's and Hobbycraft first, after dropping Andy off at the station. I got there about 8 and Sainsbury's looked as it does in the middle of any normal Saturday. Everyone goes mad at Christmas. Hobbycraft however was empty, apart from me, the cleaner and the manager. Crafters maybe have more sense. On the way back home I was approaching a junction near where I live and a horse trotted past really quickly. It was followed by about thirty more, some with riders and some being led, with one horse and trap at the back. They were a joyous sight. I drove to a road nearby where I could cut through to where I thought they were going so I could watch them and maybe get a photo. I love seeing horses and it was a treat to see so many together. I also discovered a track behind some of the grand houses around the edge of Blackheath that I had never walked down before. Another world of little garages, some in good repair and some not, windows into huge sitting rooms and some little tiny sweet houses like something from a fairy story. As was the tiny gate below.

 Canada geese, pigeons, starlings and gulls all happily eating together on the heath.

 One of two beautiful swans who looked as if they hoped I had some food, but sadly not.

Later I joined more queues to collect the turkey and other necessary items for tomorrow. We are having my family over instead of going to them, for the first time can you believe, so it has been busy preparing-just like everyone else I suppose! In the carpark there is a fig tree behind where I parked my car. When I came back this cat and a magpie were having an argument that I think the magpie was winning. I helped by putting the cat off its chase by taking photos of it, which it seemed to find disturbing.
Thanks for the good wishes on the previous post. I am much better now I am pleased to say.
I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful Christmas. xx

4 comments: said...

Oh, your pictures are wonderful!!

And the horses, oh my!!!

Sarah, just a note to say - you are lovely as ever, kind soul you are! Wishing you a lovely holiday and many wonderful Christmas wishes.

Love, Vanessa

Kat Mortensen said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

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