Sunday, 27 June 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday with fingers crossed!

Good luck England!
For more shadowy shots from around the world, visit Hey Harriet here!
4-1-oh dear! Another chance gone-though I still have a picture of the best player of the day here!


Annie said...

What an interesting grouping of pictures. Love the man's face in the second picture. The garden art adds fun and whimsy to anyone's backyard, and the red poppies are flat out divine. Love red poppies.

Abi said...

Yeah... here's to England.. cheers!
Thanks for vistng my blog party :O)gratut

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, as I type this, it's 4-1 - ah well, I can just enjoy your photos instead!!

Ralph said...

I would say that the flag of England makes a perfect window shade...and looks great on an auto, too!

The talents of the artists are well seen in the ceramics and delightfully designed garden. Sorry about the score, we in the US have already tasted defeat. The shame is that we fans have to learn to live with defeat...

rebecca said...

i heart your poppies!!!

perhaps we could entertain a seed shape?

thanks for being here, beautiful sarah.

Rattling On said...

Not England's finest hour!! Still Mr James put up a good show, love it that you chose a pic with his best ever hairstyle.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

along backyard fence
poppies flourish, their petals
red as soldiers’ blood

Derelict Dwelling Shadows