Monday, 21 June 2010

Fishbone Music and a Michael

This is the fishbone I found being played. Can you see my washing fluttering in the background?!As I played it, one of the bones pinged off, so it now has a gap on both sides. I love the sound it makes, and hope it has come across in the video ok.

The table has all my finds on it. No matter what I tell myself, as I look around our overcrowded house, I just can't resist fascinating little pieces of nature from the beach. I have a big de-cluttering plan for the summer-we shall see!

The other picture is a Michael. I call it a Michael because this child has such a distinct style that it was unmistakably his-even though I couldn't read the name. Isn't it a great picture? I love the way he has used the simple shapes, filled up the space so cleverly and given them such lively expressions. It was in the going home box for my class in the nursery so I asked him after school. He had done it for Ronnie in my class.


KindredSpirit said...

love Michael's picture. so cute. Maybe he'll grow up to be an artist. I am glad the faces are happy.

louloulovesbooks said...

Nice music ;-)

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

What a beautiful picture. Bright and full of smiling faces.

rebecca said...

when my son was very small and growing i never brought home a coloring book. every day we sat together with giant pieces of newsprint...and crayons.

i LOVED seeing what was in side him,
when he went to kindergarten he did not know what a coloring book was!
he received a low mark in "does not know how to color inside the lines!"
but, the stories he could tell, the pictures he could draw!!!

Christina said...

i used to listen to fishbone, all the time.
this is so fun!

rochambeau said...

Your musical video soothes my mermaid soul!

Thank you Sarah!!

Anonymous said...

I have obviously had a deprived life, as I have never heard fishbone music before (but I do have fishbone earrings!!) The drawing is super - it just radiates happiness!

Christine LeFever said...

That is a first for me. Never heard of playing a fishbone and it is fun!

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I must say, had no idea that London has no humidity. Our climate in western Oregon has often been likened to parts of England. Many of you charming Brits have moved here.

Yours is the one country I would dearly love to visit.

Linda Sue said...

The art work is superb! I would pay a lot of bones for that! Love the fish bone music- I turned it up real loud so that my kitty could hear and he said "MEOWRRROW"- approval!
Oh and I am sure there are a couple of nuns out there in the universe who are NICE! Just a couple...

chrome3d said...

There is also some indie song playing too but the fishbone makes nice addition to that!

chrome3d said...

Sorry. the indie music came from some other window I had on. Sorry! Still the fishbone is cool.