Thursday, 24 June 2010

Journal pages and thankfulness...

In my journal pages, as well as on the blog, I tend to focus on positive things, though both sometimes help me get rid of the negative ones. The above page is from a while ago-when I had Deirdra visiting. She was lovely and I knew we would get on, but I couldn't help feeling nervous-especially as she was coming to the flat! I used a picture from a selection of fascinating medical pages from a vintage book, which I received from Susan Sanford of ArtSpark Theatre a while ago. I have a little butterfly stamp and the butterflies in the stomach made me laugh. Yesterday I had my Forest School observation by an external assessor. I have been teaching it for a year, but observations are always nerve wracking, so the butterflies were back. It went well though-Jane, the assessor, was lovely, and very complimentary about the session. Phew! Also the butterflies were there as I watched the second half of the England game-most exciting!
I have had the 'lucky you' words for ages and yesterday put it together with some lovely stamps and a card from Yiota-thanks Yiota! and also a stamp and airmail stickers from Tracy-from a couple of her photos I bought-both lovely! I love exciting post-well I suppose we all do!

This is my plan for the summer-the de-clutter part is so hard, but I am determined to do at least some. The garden-oh how much work have I got to do out there?! I am planning to give a week to each and whatever gets done, gets done. Making things is ongoing. Walking and cycling-I must do more exercise! I find it really helps me to have the basic plan laid out simply like this-it is like making a promise to myself.

Oil pastel zebra.
That is the journal pages, photos taken early yesterday evening when everything was good-coffee outside, football won, observation done, plans to do no work for the evening and get the washing done. Then, about 9.30, it all went out of the window. I don't know if the full moon is to blame, I know it can affect behaviour. I hadn't seen Cassie for a while-last seen sitting by the pond watching frogs. Then, as I was relaxing in here, vaguely thinking I should get her in soon, I heard Lily yowl-she has this distinctive kind of screech when challenged, and is very brave in trying to see things off. Cassie was nowhere to be seen, and Lily was sitting on next door's fence looking over it. I was a bit worried, but thought if I call Cassie she will come. She didn't. By 10 I was so worried. Andy was very late home as he got stuck on a train, and I greeted him in a complete state, saying the cat was lost. I had already looked down the alley behind the neighbouring gardens twice. We went to search again, another two or three times, including actually going into people's gardens-no sign of the people and no sign of Cassie. Eventually, and so sadly, we came home. We left the door open, and went to bed. Couldn't sleep, got up for tea and more sad talk, then went to sleep about two. I woke up at about three thirty, really hot, so got up to get a drink. As I walked out of the bedroom, she walked in past me! I couldn't believe it, I was so convinced she had gone, lost, or got by a fox. It is amazing how much you can grow to love a little creature in three months, and I just couldn't bear the thought, so you can imagine how ecstatic we are tonight! It could have been so horribly different. She is now not allowed out for a while-I think I will get her chipped and neutered before I let her out again. She won't like it but at least she will be safe.

Cassie being adventurous a couple of evenings ago, watched over by Lily. The weird thing is last night, that Lily and Tiger knew we were upset, and probably knew where Cassie was-if only they could talk!
Cassie tonight, safe on the bed.


Janine said...

Sarah do I ever understand all that you are saying here! The nervousness and the cats!
When Fwed misses his curfew, which is rare, I can't go to sleep until I know he is safe at home. Every time I call his name or go look out the front door, the back door, the windows. Circe follows me everywhere, she knows I am upset! She won't sleep until she knows all is well! I used to have a cat that slept with me, stayed with me every time I was ill with a cold or a flu as if to comfort me. Animals are so amazing!

Anonymous said...

i like your plan for summer!

Candace said...

I just don't let the boys out. They are chipped and neutered but still... and the time Molly got out and took off like a rocket!!! She showed up four hours later in a sleet storm and T and I both were nervous wrecks by then.
Such sweet photos of these kits!
Glad she's okay.

I love the plans for summer. The heat here is incredible. I need to put in cacti instead of flowers.

Yiota said...

Glad Cassie is alright.
You're amazingly talented! I never thought you would use what I've sent you in such a creative way. It gives me more pleasure!
Congrats on the positive assessment!

jabblog said...

So pleased to hear that everything has turned out well. I know well how worrying animals can be - bless their little furry hearts!

KindredSpirit said...


you forgot to add craft days to your summer list!

Rattling On said...

I don't let the cats out any more. Sad but safe.
I also have much planned for the six weeks hols. Can't wait. Decluttering is one of mine as well-for my 'workroom', or at least what i'd planned as one. Just keep chucking stuff in and now need to tackle it all...

Anonymous said...

I love your journal pages!

I am so glad that Cassie is safe! That is so scary. Our little kitties only go outside when they are supervised and even then they aren't allowed far off the patio.

Bimbimbie said...

I think cats do it on purpose just to watch us go into panic mode. Mine have been indoor cats for years but every so often one will find a new hiding place that I don't know about and I'll immediately think it's escaped outside when I can't find it.

All the best with the de-cluttering, it's never easy*!*