Thursday, 29 October 2009

Satnav Envy

Views around Crieff Hydro.... I imagine fairies live here.
And here.
Horses going to work in the morning.
Acer tree on the way into Crieff. (I was, not the tree!)

Another bright tree.
Loch Earn
A horse who lives at Loch Earn-and thought I was his food bringer. As soon as he saw me he rushed through the trees with a real sense of purpose. He seemed to enjoy a little attention but not as much as he would have enjoyed some food. As we were leaving a woman with buckets was seen approaching.
The beautiful view from The Knock-a steep hill near the hotel.
The sun was rising and caught the mountain.
Wet bracken.

As we sat in traffic yesterday on the very long drive back from Scotland, I caught glimpses of people's bright and friendly satnavs on their dashboards. As we were driving around Glasgow by accident yesterday morning, (it looks lovely but I didn't want to go there at that time) instead of on the way to Edinburgh, on the route we had planned, I wanted a satnav. I have gradually been coming round to the idea of owning one, having previously taken the attitude that I can read a map and who needs all this technology? I can read a map, but not when I am driving around an unfamiliar city. Andy can read a map but it is no help when there are no signs, which I often find that there are not. I did try to investigate satnavs last week but am worried that I do not seem to have a cigarette lighter point in my car which is what I am told they need to run on. Our next long journey is not for some time so maybe by then I will have acquired one and motoring will never again have to be the potential cause of strife!
Above, to counter the slightly moany tone of this post, are some photos of beautiful things from the last few days away! We had a lovely time with Andy's family.


Mar said...

get you a hand held a hiker would use
beautiful pictures!!!
lucky dawg you getting away to scotland

Gigi said...

What wonderful photos, Sarah! I think fairies definitely live in those trees. xo

Linda Sue said...

Yes Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place- The gnarly trees all twisted and rooty, very expressive and telling of the conditions they endure. Really great post- the hungry horse makes me think to always carry a carrot in my pocket, just in case...

Candace said...

Wow. Just simply incredibly wow. I do hope to go there next year. So I will need a "satnav" as opposed to a GPS, eh? (Global Positioning Satellite)

Say, haven't we had this conversation already with daddy longlegs and harvestmen?
So glad you had a good time, Sarah!
Take care and have a good weekend.

Helen McCookerybook said...

I heard about your awful journey from McMum- poor you!
I got satnav after a similar trip, but it has actually got me lost a couple of times- and Martin's gets him lost in Glasgow because they're getting rid of the roundabouts and making flyovers instead-hence lack of road signs. You do need to keep updating them.
I'm glad you got home safely in the end, and though it's a long journey, it's such a beautiful place it's always worth it in the end!
Enjoy the rest of half term!
love Helen

Di said...

Oh I love, love Scotland. You lucky thing! One of my fave places. Love your photos... so beautiful. And yes, Steve and I are slowly coming round to the idea that we should get a satnav. Been resisting it sooo long. One of the problems we find when venturing out is the distinct lack of road signs/names of places. Although it has to be said, we both love just seeing where the road takes us and often discover little gems of places as a result! x

Yiota said...

Welcome back! I love Scotland and your photos look gorgeous. I prefer maps to satnavs and I always plan my route ahead even if I need to drive only a few blocks away! (that hopeless!)

Khaled KEM said...

Hi Sarah,

Nice pictures indeed. You always have that artistic eye in your pictures.

I miss blogging and talking with you and my friends, graduate work is completely taking over my life the past few months but hopefully it would be over in a few weeks so I can get be back to enjoy the correspondence and friendship I have with my fellow bloggers.

Best wishes for the week-end.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - glad you got back safe and sound from the wilds of Scotland!! I've just spent a very frustrating 30 minutes on the phone to aol - in the end I handed over to Malcolm to deal with the technical stuff!! Hopefully it's all working again. We've just had two lovely days in Cumbria - lots of photos tomorrow. Sorry about the art exchange! Love Anne

Janine said...

Beutiful, beautiful pics!

Sam said...

So pretty! England/ Scotland really has some wonderful countryside - so trad and fairy land like as you say! Have a lovley weekend!

Shell said...

Simply beautiful pictures. I am sure the fairies live there. The horse is so cute, I love horses.
I went to website you told me that echoed my blog post on intuition. Very cool indeed.

Lynne said...

Lovely photos, the one of Loch Earn especially.
Mike resisted getting a satnav for ages but I insisted. It has proved to be great. Well it has taken me to the middle of nowhere when using a different airport in Sweden. It didn't seem to exist. Luckily I had left plenty of time for my flight. But usually they are great, especially when travelling somewhere new on your own, and especially if you take a wrong turn!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! I love your fairie realms. Beautiful fall colors. And the black horse who lives at Loch Earn is just gorgeous! :-)

Tracy said...

WONDERFUL, wonderful photos, Sarah... lots of magic moments here! :o) Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Karen said...

I don't have one either and sometimes when I get myself lost on country roads I would wish for one! Actually, its my brother who I really wished carried one as he goes running twenty-thirty miles for fun in very rural areas and has gotten quite turned around before. Sigh.

Thank you for sharing your photos! I just adore all of the trees, especially their twisted and knotted trunks. I think I can almost see the fairies!! :>

This is my first visit to your blog. I found you by way of Anne Gaal's blog. :>

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely series of photos. I'm glad the horse's real food bringer followed soon after you

snoopydog said...

Gorgeous photos! I felt the same about satnavs, until getting lost in London(somewhere around the North Circular), whilst taking my youngest daughter to her student house in Camden at the start of her MSc at UCL. It was a nightmare! I don't rely on it for EVERY journey, but it it's great when you are on your own in unknown territory!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Sarah! Scotland looks so pretty!

Sonia ;) said...

I think the faeries were with you...You always take the most wonderful pictures on your journies.


Poetikat said...

Loch Earn is gorgeous, isn't it? Love that photo of the horse's face too.

We passed through a town of Crief on the way back from visiting my uncle in Burlington, Ontario on the weekend. I thought of you.