Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Me on Google Street View

I was going to feed one of my cats in the summer and the google maps car drove past me. I have been checking every so often since then to see if I was on it, and here I am! I have seen them before but this is the only time I remember when I knew exactly where I was and I was walking. I don't know why but it is quite fun to be on there. When I first started using street view my neighbour Dee was putting the bins out. I love street view. It is such a useful tool and fun to tour areas of the world where you are not from or have not been, as well as your local area.
I was going in the grey door on the left of the two men. It is the back entrance to the cat's flat which is just above, and saves a ridiculously long walk to get there from the front. The cat is very shy and stays under the bed. This time I could look under and see her, frozen and waiting for me to go, so that was a first!



River said...

Street view doesn't work so well here, for me anyway, maybe it is where I live, but things look flat and stretched, hard to properly see.

Steve Reed said...

So funny! I've been on Street View too, with Olga!

It's kind of a badge of honor, I think. :)