Saturday, 31 October 2020

Happy Halloween!

But who needs pretend monsters at the moment? Anyway, gloominess aside, here are the girlettes and their friends the witch and the black cat, brightening up the room with their little lanterns!

Minnie wanted to be a witch weeks ago. Her dress is made from one of Mum's scarves, with a pumpkin sewn on. She has a wand made from a little stick sent by Linda Sue. Racer loves her sparkly pumpkin and the too big shoes I found in a bag of dolls clothes. I had to use a little blu tack to fix them on. 
Madeline went understated, just using the colours of Halloween. Though her little bow looks a bit like cat ears. 
The witch is from the tearooms in Headcorn that Mum and I used to go to regularly. They hang around the rooms and I finally bought one a few years ago. They are inspired by the Pendle Witches in Lancashire. 


Linda Sue said...

Terrifying! Good job getting the costumes together. The girlettes at my house are going as cookie dough with bits of chocolate stuck on. They will not be going far however, they are mind full of covid. I doubt that goblins will cone this year.

Fresca said...

All the girlettes look so WONDERFUL in their costumes:
I just love seeing their life with you--it makes me so happy.

They are each such individuals!

"M" for Minnie!!!
You make me want to learn to crochet/knit in tiny sizes.
Her wand is perfect---that Linda Sue is perfectly wavy for conveying magic.
How nice that she can make use of your mum's scarf in her dress.

Racer looks so proud.
Her striped stockings look like the Wicked Witch but then her pumpkin looks like something Linus from Peanuts would love---The Great Pumpkin.

Madeline looks so elegant in her pumpkin-colored couture--including ankle boots.

They are lucky to have friends like the cat and the witch.... and you.

Steve Reed said...

Excellent -- a Halloween diorama!

River said...

They all look so wonderful and I love the tiny lanterns, I must look for some of those next year.

Shell said...

Love all your little friends dressed up for Halloween. So lovely.