Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Open for Happy Eyes

More journal pages. I stick things in here and in my Book of Books where I record the books I have read and the first and last lines of these. The book of books mainly has magazine pages I like and sometimes other things I want to keep. My journal has anything I want to keep but don't know where to put. At the moment mainly things from Mum's are being put in.
But this label came from somewhere else, not sure where. Presumably a book. Actually I think it may have been on an envelope.
I found a set of Spirograph pieces in the loft. I used to love them and had forgotten all about it. So for a few pages there are lots of spirograph patterns. Quite addictive.
The boot prints are from a load of Bratz doll shoes I bought, thinking the Girlettes could wear them. When I got them home I realised that they only fit the legs of Bratz dolls as they have a small hole for their leg to poke into. They do make good prints though. 
I also found a whole bag of transfer letters at Mum's which I have been using. 

Also Mum's. A set of alcohol pens with lovely intense colours. 
Wallpaper from her bedroom-from a roll I found in the loft, a die-cut she had lying around and the mystery slide. 
Corona virus slogans recently and not so recently used by the government. 
Patterns on peices of pottery found on the Thames Estuary.
The Girlettes before they arrived.
An old postcard of mine with lovely hats. I have been making hats for all the small dolls and these are inspiring. 


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Linda Sue said...

The dearest thing, Your mother's wall paper!
I can understand the spiro addiction, they are fun and who does not like a bunch of circles?? When we were little we were taught to make everything out of circles, circle animals were my favorite, fat and round.