Sunday, 13 September 2020

A Day Out

Today we went to see Andy's Aunt Maggie's exhibition, called 'Draw Your Own'. 
Below is part of Maggie's exhibition statement. As well as a trip out and a lovely exhibition, I also got some gardening advice from Maggie-about how to help my green tomatoes, to ripen. Tomato doctoring starts tomorrow!
"It began as a light-hearted daily drawing exercise of whatever vegetable had been picked that day and evolved into a reflection on the intersection of art and life. The close and intense observation uncovers the essence of the object. As the body of work developed the parallels between drawing or painting and cultivation of a vegetable plot became more and more apparent. The paintings are made on previously painted surfaces which had been rejected. On allotments gardeners rarely use new materials but rather re-use whatever the can lay their hand on. The paintings are executed quickly in a manner that allows no revision or correction. Each line must justify itself. The reverence which gardeners feel for the produce grown is hinted at in the six small, icon-like paintings. The large drawing ‘Rotation’ is made on four canvases reflecting the four sections of the allotment which are rotated each year. ‘The answer lies in the soil (plot 12)’ draws on planning layouts made over twenty years . Each layer contributes to the depth and richness of any one moment in a continuous cycle."
The exhibition was at 'Cave' in Pimlico. We didn't want to go on the underground, so got two trains, then walked from Vauxhall station over the bridge. The bridge is having work done, so there is a combination of bus, cycle and walking lanes. Andy, as always, is ahead, as I am taking pictures and being slow.
Curvy buildings.
Angular building. 
Man muttering about corona virus as he sped past us. I was actually taking a picture of the sign, but Andy told me later about his muttering, which I hadn't noticed. 
Sign to Pimlico. 
Rusty angel and dead trees-somehow a combination that works! We had a half in one pub, then met James, Andy's brother, and had a very delicious lunch in another. It is a lovely area and so quiet. Unlike the southbank, which we walked along on the way home. It was heaving with people. 

Maggie, and below, a selection of her work. 
These are tiny paintings, and so beautiful. 

Walking back down a different street, James noticed this incredible man from the sea.

Just like a day at the seaside outside the Southbank Centre.
I like the colours on this painted wall, and, looking at it again now, I think I can see vegetables!


Fresca said...

"The Luminous Leek"
How small are the gilded veg paintings?

Maggie looks great in that dress. Is Andy an artist too?

I watercolored a series of veg & spaceships years ago---such inviting shapes---if you'd like to take a look:

It's fun to see your day-outs--thanks!

Linda Sue said...

How is it possible that Maggie could be Andy's Auntie? She looks twelve years old! I absolutely love the veggies, stunning !
It is interesting walking around Pimlico- where Stella and I met you in Lady Margarets carriage house. A good Sainsburys there! I so miss you and London! We are house bound again, due to fire. Will this ever end or is this the beginning of the end?

Steve Reed said...

Beautiful, glowing little veg paintings. I like Pimlico, though I don't get down there much. At least the people on the beach seem to be "social distancing" -- kind of.

Sarah said...

Unlike the ones on the pavement! The paintinga are about postcard sized.