Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Wild Garden

These pictures don't show the wildness very well but it is there. Everything is growing at an amazing rate so I am just lettting it happen at the moment!
Verbena Bonariensis. I love the structure of this plant, and as it is so tall it has the blue background of the sky each day and looks beautiful. It has square prickly stems which are quite raspy on your skin. Some has self-seeded in the concrete where I took the decking up. I should probably pull it up but I am leaving it for now.
This is about a week ago. The sunflowers in the pots could really do with being in the ground as they wilt each day if I don't water them in time. The ones in the ground are quite tall now and there is not any more room to plant the others. I gave some to next door and have four stragglers left in small pots. I can't wait until they start to flower but hope they get really tall first.

 The daisies that grow in the corner of the steps are one of my  favourite plants. They flower for ages and look pretty there. The poor Christmas tree is still awaiting a bigger pot.
I grew the lavender from seed years ago and it reliably comes back each year. This year it has done particularly well and is filled with bees most of the time.

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Shell said...

I just read a book where one of the characters said bees who love lavender plants create beautiful honey. I am sure the bees are quite happy with your lavender plant.