Monday, 11 June 2018

Random Catch Up Two

More catching up...
Cat seen on the way to a cat sitting visit. 
 Peter Rabbit's head. He is complete now, but I have no pictures yet.
 Yellow Flags in the pond, surrounded by pink geraniums. A bit wild but I love it. The bees and birds do too!
 This poor clematis has been in a pot for years. Each year it produces one perfect flower. I really need to move it this year.
 Beautiful green tiles on the way down the stairs from another cat visit. 
 Hanuman on the beach, as part of an ever growing sculpture. 
I found the pink ball like this, but didn't leave it there as it was just such a lovely faded colour.

1 comment:

Yiota said...

Hi Sarah!
I hope you're doing great!
I came across The Secret Garden the other day and thought
i'd drop in here and say 'Hi!" I've stopped blogging ages ago but I do visit my page to see who's still here and how they're doing.

Take Care!