Saturday, 3 March 2018

More Snow

I love snow. Despite it causing me lots of inconvenience this week. it just makes me happy walking around in it. I had to feed cats yesterday, and thought I would leave about 3 as more snow was predicted and I wanted to drive. It started to snow about 2 so I thought I had better leave now, but it was coming down so quickly, and my car was so icy-I had trouble scraping any of it off the windscreen, so I changed my mind and got the bus. My phone died so I have no photos of the lovely walk from Greenwich to Deptford for the second cat house. When I got home, I walked to Sainsbury's for Cornish Pasties, and took loads of photos then to make up for earlier! 
 My school-which has been closed for the last two days. 
 Snowy tracks.

 I love this sign.
This is a road near me which I used to use as a walking or bike shortcut. You could never drive through it as it is a private road. The snow was great up here, not touched at all.

 Face on the wall. 

 Now it is fenced off so you can't even walk through. I don't know when that happened!
 A tiny snowman. This is not good snowman snow, so they did well to even get that much together.
 The allotments near my house. 
A lonely chair. 


jabblog said...

Snow looks so beautiful and we so rarely see it in the Southern England these days. We are promised colder weather at the weekend but I doubt we shall have any more snow.

Snoopydog said...

I love your gorgeous snowy pics! We were closed for three days. I don't remember seeing quite so much snow before. We've had a thin covering this weekend, which excited me all over again. I love the snow too! x

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