Sunday, 1 October 2017

Happy Autumn!

Miniature pumpkin-surely too small to cook and eat. Made into a little Autumn moodboard with a cute French doll, cat and starred book on puppet making. 

 Doll planning in my journal. I have got as far as making the doll, and have spent the last half hour searching through my fabric bags for inspiration for clothes.

 Doll collection in the antique shop in Greenwich, amongst the reflections of houses across the road.
This last picture has nothing to do with Autumn or dolls, I just liked the way the picture has been glued over the broken spine of the book.
And this picture is a recent one of the cats that I liked, as they are working as a team and sitting in exactly the same way. Not sure what was out there, but they were guarding together. 


crafty cat corner said...

This is a funny thing with cats, ours often lay the same and clean themselves at the same time.
Love the reflection in the doll window.

Serenata said...

It has been a long time since I have really visited your blog properly and actually commented. What a lovely post, all things I love, dolls, books, drawing and inspiration. Love your mood board and I look forward to seeing your doll.