Monday, 22 May 2017

Cat Jumper

I am not entirely sure if I will wear this outside of the house, but it has been interesting to make, if difficult, as it involved lots of colours of twisty wool. Once I read the helpful hint of  making card bobbins for each of the colours, I got on better. I think I started it sometime in January. It is from an eighties book of cat knitting. I have not made anything this big before, so it is probably teaching me patience or something. I am about a quarter of the way up the back now, which is just two colours so much quicker.  By the time I have finished it, it might be cold enough to wear it!
I was annoyed with myself for the mistake I made in the cream section near the top. I didn't even notice that I had purled the knit row until halfway along the next one. I did attempt to go back, but got in a muddle with all the colours so gave up. Never mind, it will teach me to pay more attention to what I am doing. 

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Snoopydog said...

WOW! I'm loving this wonderful knitty creation. I think the addition of the extra purl row adds an extra special something! Look forward to seeing it finished. x