Thursday, 18 May 2017

Birds, Cassie, and Tiny Houses

This week the blue tits have taken over the garden. The robins have stopped being on the fence the whole time, and lots of tiny, noisy blue tits have been flitting around each morning feeding-from the fennel stalks and the fence. There have also been quite a lot of sparrows. The fat wood pigeons are almost permanent residents on the back fence, and today looked quite sad and puffed up in the rain. 
Cassie's green eyes are shown to advantage in the ivy. She is sitting up there spying on the guinea pigs next door.
 I googled videos for cats and this was the top hit. She was fascinated. It made my computer overheat though and not work properly for some time afterwards! I need to invent a cat sitting tray to put over the keyboard if I do this again.
We went to Lewes the weekend before last. It was lovely. I bought three tiny houses in a charity shop there. I have been painting them on canvas, cutting them out and making a scene. Next I tried to make some clay ones. Not very sophisticated but I am working on them!  The other houses are ones I already had. I seem to have a fascination for tiny houses!

The blue tits are much harder to take a picture of than the robins. They are really flitty. Look at this one's little face though-so cute!
 He caught a grub of some kind. 

 Poor wet pigeons!

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Linda Sue said...

Mr. Pigeon looks like a boss, like he might smoke stogies and bark orders! we are on the same page re: tiny buildings and houses, Must be something in the cosmos. I made a paper tiny house which took way too long! Loving your canvas of painted houses very much! Cassie is so funny, cute little love muffin! Great bird shots in the garden- we still only have Mr. Crow and of course the Blue Jays- typical.