Saturday, 24 September 2016

Tiger's Shelf

Today I cleared the shelves behind the television with the intention of making a shelf for Tiger. I have her ashes in a beautiful little wooden casket and we wanted a special place to keep them. It might sound a small job clearing the shelves, but it took the whole day! I took three bags of DVDs, books and assorted nick knacks to the charity shop, unplugged the TV etc, moved the heavy naval trunk behind the TV, sorted the remaining books, DVDs and nick knacks and then put it all back. It now looks lovely over there and puts other areas to shame. Oh-I forgot to mention the dust, lots and lots of dust. All gone now. I now have far less stuff on there so hopefully it will be easier to clean. 

My other cats Connie and Boris are on there too. The only thing I couldn't do tonight was print photos of Tiger as I have run out of ink. I will put Lily and Cassie up there too to keep her company. There is a little bowl of catnip, a treat and a toy mouse.
 At the back are a couple of photo albums with cats now departed. The black and white photo is Andy's brother and sisters and their cat Pandy. Tiger's cards are there too. One from Chinmoyee, one from Linda Sue and one from the vets.
 Above are lots of heads, a couple of bulls, a baby and a pair of ducks. There are also some toy cars that were hidden away in a basket.
 I didn't get the time to sort the contents of this dolls house, so have turned it around so it looks neat. This also means I can stick my gold leaf 'Spinal Tap' quote up there.
 When I had finished, I spent a relaxing hour playing with my new Brusho set. I love Brusho, as the colours are so intense and you can get lots of different effects. It is like magic paint.

 I found this image of a London bus being held up by tea cups. It is from a book on pottery and is proving how strong the cups are. I love it!


jabblog said...

Cleaning and tidying is therapeutic - or so I believe! It all looks tickety-boo now - well done:-)

I love the bus on china cups.

busybusybeejay said...

great job.Well done.

Snoopydog said...

The shelves look great! What a lovely idea to keep all your precious kitty cats together! x