Friday, 16 September 2016

Lily and Cassie

My other two little cat friends are finding out how to be two instead of three. When we came back from the vets without Tiger, and, each time we came home for about a week, Lily especially would look at the door as if she wanted to know where she was. Tiger was a friend to both in that she would sleep next to them and they both knew that Tiger was top cat so relationships were easy. Now that she is not here, they are having to find new ways to do things. I shouldn't put human emotions onto them, but, when Tiger was here and was ill, both seemed almost to know, and to be treating her accordingly. Cassie would sniff her carefully and not try to play, and Lily kind of retreated into the background, as I was spending so much time with Tiger. Now they seem to be working out how to get along in a Tigerless world. They seem to be doing ok, and I haven't noticed Cassie chasing Lily as much as she did. Lily is a tense little cat anyway, and the first week and a half after Tiger died, she was on the edge of madness. She had one night where I was convinced that it was the end. She couldn't settle, wasn't reacting normally to anything and wouldn't eat or purr. But, since then, she has calmed down again, and the last few days has seemed extremely relaxed. I am very grateful that they are both still here, so thought I would pay them tribute! 
Lily on the decking. She has tiny paws, and well marked stripes on her legs and is, in general, a very pretty little cat. 
 Cassie in a box. Boxes are free and Cassie loves them. She looks particularly cute on this colourful blanket. She currently has two boxes, one for playing and one for sleeping. Her current favourite toy is a tiny cat nip nodule I made from fabric, attached to a piece of string. She is a cheap date!


Christina Paul said...

So sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty. Thoughts are with you and her two little siblings.

jabblog said...

It takes time to adjust to the loss of a much-loved pet, for animals as well as humans. I remember how Frodo (dog) and Pansy (cat) searched and searched for Singleton.

Snoopydog said...

Dear kitty cats. Lovely photos of your sweeties. It's so sad watching the other furry family members dealing with their loss, never mind having to deal with your own. Ros x