Friday, 30 October 2015


Home alone and watching a scary East Enders (which I don't usually watch) so I thought I would quickly say hello to the blog. I do not seem to have the inclination to write posts at the minute, not sure why. I have had a good October, and am now fifty, which I find a little hard to believe. Andy took me to Devon for my birthday which was lovely. We stayed in an inn right on the sea with a balcony on the flat roof outside. It was beautiful and relaxing. In other news I have been continuing to work full time at the school up the road and have agreed to stay there for the year with some part time work next term. Not sure what made me change my mind apart from the kids being great and a feeling of 'this is mine' after all the hard work I have done. I have been trying to get lots of crochet done as I am doing a craft fair with my Dad really soon-not sure but I think it may be next weekend. Anyway, below are a few pictures of the last few weeks.
 This is Alexandra Palace where I went three weeks ago for the Knit and Stitch show. I went with Joan, my Dad's wife, as her friend couldn't go because her husband had had a fall. I really enjoyed the day, and unfortunately was tempted by quite a lot of crafty things.
 Giant crocheted flamingo on the Toft stall.
 Pretty face.
 Amazing exhibit of a knitted and crocheted fish stall.
 A crocheted black sheep I made because my friend couldn't buy one anywhere for her nephew's birthday.
 The beautiful part of Devon where we were staying. It is a place called Babbacombe, just outside Torquay. This is the view along the beach from where we stayed.
 The pub we were staying at is the white building on the left of the picture with the red roof. 
Andy on the path. It looks a bit dangerous in the picture. It is fine for adults but I would not take young children along there unless they were tied to me!
This made me think the fairies would appear at any minute. 

 You can walk along the path to the next little cove where there are beach huts, a good cafe (which has only just been rebuilt after being washed away by the sea) and a funicular railway which saves the legs.
 We went for a walk through the little village of St Marychurch which is quaint in the extreme. I loved this shop front.
 And this proud looking dragon on a gate post.
 Back along the path I saw this crow. He posed for a few pictures. 
 This is on the side of the toilet in the car park near the pub. The place is at the bottom of an extremely steep hill which we walked up and down about three times. Cars go into the car park to get a bit of a run up at the first part of the hill.
 Free to take away.  
 A lovely iron S on the sea wall. Not sure what for. 
 This was on Wednesday. The one day I have devoted to craft this week. (I spent three days working and still didn't finish everything. It can wait till next week now) I was making Christmas cards. Cassie wanted my chair as it was very sunny.
 Yesterday in Greenwich market with my friend. This dragon head is huge. I love this man's stall. He always has very interesting and tempting things.
Right, back to the crochet. Hope all your weeks/months have been fun!


Linda Sue said...

Oh Sarah, no wonder your blog has been have been LIVING ! Wonderful photos ! The fish stall is astonishing!

Linda Sue said...

oh..and Fifty is just getting started! Just practice for the next fifty!

Shell said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah. That stall with the knitted seafood is amazing. I've struggled with blogging too. Sometimes you need to live and be for a while.

snoopydog said...

What a lovely post! Looks as though your October was pretty busy... in a good way! Happy belated Birthday wishes, by the way. I've been so busy with school as STILL awaiting the dreaded inspectors, that my blogging routine has been disrupted somewhat! Ros

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