Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Etsy and Out and About

Since I opened my Etsy shop as Circles of Rain I have had seven sales. I have not made much money but I enjoy thinking how to wrap the parcel when I sell something. Here are the three most recent. Noddy's car. So I printed out a Noddy and made him into a little standing figure, along with his friend Big Ears. I also made a Noddy themed card. 
This little doll with her beautiful beaded dress was wrapped in some lovely Nigerian wax fabric. I have lots of pieces of this fabric left over from displays at school. It is coming in handy again at the moment. I love the bold colours and simple repeating patterns. 
The tiny pastoral scene with trees and sheep was a problem to wrap nicely. I didn't want to just throw them into a cellophane packet so I sewed them to a card.
It has been sunny for a week and back to sun and showers this week. This is the display of sunflowers in the allotment over the road from us. Lovely!
 This is a shop at Blackheath Standard near where we live. It is a really old fashioned and sweet card shop that has been there for years. I don't know how much longer it will be there so I took a photo.
  This is a road near the local shop. I was waiting for Andy in the car and noticed for the first time how beautiful the door arches are. This is the best one as it has not been painted. 
 This is the state of my next door neighbour's garden. They bought the house from Joe, our neighbour who lived there for years, and their builders have been doing it up since about May. They were supposed to be finished by September. I would say Christmas at the rate they are going. I keep telling myself it will be over soon! As well as the week days, they  arrive early on a Saturday morning, sometimes even a Sunday. The other day I came home for my lunch and there were builders in the garden as they needed to get onto our flat roof. The cats were all looking very perturbed. There are a lot of them. Some more friendly than others. I overhear some very interesting and often not particularly pleasant conversations. They make noise, shake our china and glass with their drilling, and are generally annoying. The builders building the house on the other side were nice at least. They had just about finished when this lot turned up!
 Sainsbury's sign against a dramatic sky. 
 A little cat that is not Cassie but looks very like her. Andy took this. He sees this cat quite a lot and my friend who lives in the next road is convinced she has seen Cassie, but I think it is this one.


Jenny Woolf said...

I think the purchasers will be pleased at the extra touches. Interesting pictures and I particularly liked the little arch, that' s so unusual and must have needed special bricks. I love to see things like that. (fancy painting them though - what a pity, it rarely looks nice to paint bricks)

snoopydog said...

Lovely things...... especially that cute little Cassie lookalike! Ros

Neighborhood Watch said...

So hard to live near construction. Around here lately it just goes on and on. The neighborhood was all little houses and now they are being torn down and replaced by big houses. Sad. I love your drawing/painting in the previous post too.

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